Poster printer information

  • These instructions apply to the HP DesignJet z5400 PS PS3 42inch roll printer in PHO321.

  • Please report all failures and supply needs for the poster printer to the ECE Front Desk.

  • We recommend you use Microsoft PowerPoint to print a poster.

How do I print a poster?

To print to the poster printer you will have to log in to one of the computers in PHO321.

  • Open your file (recommended : Microsoft Power Point)
  • Do not print a test page.
  • Once you are sure your document is correct, select File > Print.

  • Under the "Printer" option, select "HP Designjet Z5400 PS PS3".
  • Click on "Full Page Slides" and select "Scale to Fit Paper".
  • Click on "Printer Properties" and then "Quick Sets".
  • In “Quick Sets” Choose “Poster (42x56)”
  • Press "OK" twice and then click "Print".

IMPORTANT: Do not pull or cut the paper. The printer will automatically cut the paper after a five minute drying period.

Above all else, please do not attempt to fix the machines yourself. Please consult with an ECE staff member if you have any restocking needs, questions or concerns.

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