How do I print a poster?


The BME poster printer is no longer available. Posters may be printed via Fed Ex Office. The order form can be found here. Forms can be submitted at the Fed Ex Office at 115 Cummington Mall or you can submit the form online for delivery. If you have any questions, please email

Make your Poster

We recommend that you create your poster as a PDF in regular "Letter" size, and let Preview automatically scale up to poster size at print time. You can also generate the PDF as a 36"x46.6" page (the standard size) however the procedure to do this varies depending on your publishing software.

  • If you use a full version of Adobe Acrobat, change its settings to "High Quality" or "For Press" instead of the standard.
  • If you are creating a PDF for a poster that you do not want to be 36"x46" or in "Letter" proportions please see our Custom Sizing Page. This is more complicated, so we recommend sticking to 36x46" if you can.

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