TLab Oscilloscope Tips

AC-coupling implements a high-pass filter, removing components of the input signal below about 5 Hz. (See page 144 in the oscilloscope manual.)

AUTO triggering mode can be used for capturing events that occur at least 20 times / second; for less-frequent events you run the risk of having the oscilloscope decide it's waited "long enough" and trigger itself when the next event hasn't actually happened yet. In practice "auto" still often works for much slower signals (for example a few seconds of an ECG waveform still triggers correctly with "auto") but officially 20 Hz is the cutoff. (See page 253 of the oscilloscope programmer's guide.)

Triggered averaging will average together entire sets of acquisitions, but will only apply for time scales of 20 ms/division or lower. This setting is silently ignored for longer time scales. (This behavior is not documented.)

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