Procedure for first use of Cadence (with 7WL support)

/!\ NOTE: This is for vlsi lab computers running BULinux 5.0 (Monde)

  1. Create a working directory with the needed startup files. You can copy a default directory from /opt/cadence/cdssetup/7wl

    cp -r /opt/cadence/cdssetup/7wl/. ~/7wl
  2. Check that the files have copied correctly (.cdsenv, .cdsinit, display.drf, and cds.lib)

    cd 7wl
    ls -la
  3. Proceed to Step 1 Below

Running Cadence (with 7WL support)

These steps must be taken every time you wish to run Cadence. For a faster method see Cadence/ShortCuts

  1. Move into your work directory

    cd 7wl
  2. Source the environment files for cadence and the CDK

    source /opt/cadence/cdssetup/
    source /opt/cadence/cdssetup/
  3. Start cadence

    • Now you will see the "IBM_PDK" menu is added to the icfb window.

How to compile a new library and use Assura

Attention: DO NOT create a new library in the library manager using "File -> New -> Library"

Please read: How to complie a library and use Assura.pdf

How to use Spectre to run all kinds of simulations

Please refer to the design manual: spectreRF.pdf

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